Salty Steve Crocodile earrings

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  • $38.00

It's not a Daintree Collection without a Daintree River-dwelling saltwater crocodile. And it's definitely not Aussie if I don't call him Steve.

Salty Steve is more abstract than my usual animal designs. I wanted to turn his prehistoric-looking skin into its own art form. Unlike the brooch, these earrings are a single piece of acrylic that has had the patterns and shapes etched in with gold paint fill. The acrylic is a wavy golden shimmer with shades of dark and light olive green... perfect for a crocodile!

Dimensions:  50 mm W x  80 mm H plus the stud which is 17 mm x 20 mm.


Designed, cut and handmade in Australia.

**Please note** Marbled and glitter acrylics can differ from piece to piece. It may take on a slightly different pattern and colours or even have tiny flaws. This is unavoidable but it is rarely even noticeable.

Please be aware that the colours of my jewellery may be slightly different from those on my website due to camera settings and individual phone and computer screen settings.